Earn Stress-Free

MANAGEMENT of apartments for short-term rentals


What we offer

Control of the object's condition and its maintenance

Apartment cleaning

Interior design

Necessary repairs

Guest Services

Photo session

Announcement management

Main benefits for Owners

By cooperating with us you gain:

Sacred peace

We will take care of all matters related to the operation of the apartment.

Safe rental

After each stay, we check the condition of the apartment and repair any defects that arise.

Steady and secure earnings

Lease agreement and payment of fixed rent every month.

No problems with eviction

No problem with tenants who cannot be evicted if there are problems with non-payment.

Possibility to control your apartment

Also, any owner can use the apartment for himself or his relatives.


Choose the best option for you
420 zł / night
Marszalkowska 85, Warsaw

2 rooms, 1 bathroom

390 zł / night
Noakowskiego 16,

1 room, 1 bathroom

425 zł / night
Zgoda 12, Warsaw

2 rooms, 1 bathroom

350 zł / night
Al. Solidarności 64, Warsaw

1 room, 1 bathroom